ICO Drones has been created to demonstrate and promote business opportunities offered by the commercial use of unmanned vehicles, commonly referred to as drones or RPAS in the aviation sector. Innovation, Control and Optimization with Drones is founded in 2014 following the regulation approval for commercial RPAS operations in Spain to offer consultancy, distribution, training, maintenance and operation services with unmanned aircraft.

Its founders bring together experience in the aviation sector, aircraft maintenance, airworthiness and quality with RPAS development, manufacture and operational know-how. Given this knowledge we are able to offer services covering the whole spectrum of RPAS operations.

Since the sector is still new, and constantly evolving, initial efforts were centered on demonstrating and teaching what RPAS were capable of in different industrial and commercial environments. Our belief is that these systems are a new tool of the trade and not a new way of working. With this in mind we strive to show our client how to get the most from unmanned aircraft, particularly those weighing less than 25 kg. The advantages the multirotors, or multicopters, have as far as easy handling, greater stability, being able to hover and easy maintenance make them the ideal solution for jobs near structures, confined spaces or even indoors.


In August 2014 ICO Drones establishes relations with the primary flight school (ATO) in the Cadiz province to offer pilot training of RPAS under 25 kg. Through this agreement the first RPAS training approved by the Spanish authorities (AESA) is established in the province.

In November of that same year ICO Drones is officially registered as a RPAS operator in front of AESA, one of the first organizations to do so not only in Cadiz but nationally. This allows the company to operate drones commercially in accordance with national regulation.

Furthering the promotion of drone technology, and knowing the apprehension felt by air traffic management towards these new users, ICO Drones takes part in the World Air Traffic Management Congress exhibition in 2015. This initiative strives to bring the air traffic management sector to today's unmanned aircraft technology first-hand. The company is looking to be a bridge between RPAS operators, many new to aviation, and air navigation service providers.

That same year ICO Drones signs off to be the official distributor for the professional grade Multirotor Service-drone manufacturer; thus consolidating ICO Drones' commitment to offer professional solutions, with high-end professional products that have the quality and reliability that consumer level products lack. The company also becomes the official practical training provider of Multirotor products in Spain in accordance with AESA requirements.